Recipe for VoIP: Ingredients to a Successful VoIP Product

Time: 9:15-11:15
Room: Virginia City


The $100 cost for this workshop is included in the full conference fee; otherwise the cost is $100 for the workshop only (remember to talk with a sponsor to save $50).  IGNITE sytle presentation.  Loaded with 5 mintue segments addressing:  What does the paperwork look like, billing essentials, choosing your partners wisely, alphabet soup, transport and QoS, security, International, do I need to be a CLEC, planning & depoyment, how to sell VoIP, Go to Market Strategies, SMB vs mid-market, and Q&A.

Panelist:  Bill Heniz @ PBX-Change, Randy Minervino @ ProfitTec, Peter Radizeski @ Rad-Info, Jim Hollis @ FISPA, Brian Worthen @ Mammoth Networks, Kris Twomey @ LoKT

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